The Praxis II Agriculture Exam 0780 for Pennsylvania Teachers

High school agriculture teachers in Pennsylvania are required to pass the Praxis II Agriculture Exam 0780. The two hour multiple-choice test contains 120 questions about six areas of agricultural science:

  1. agricultural mechanics,
  2. leadership and supervised occupational experience,
  3. plant science,
  4. animal science,
  5. agricultural economics, and
  6. soil science. Most of those who take the Praxis Agriculture Test (PA) have bachelor’s degrees in agricultural education. Some questions may not count toward the exam score.

Praxis 2 Questions About Agricultural Mechanics
The PRAXIS II Agriculture Test for Pennsylvania teachers contains 24 questions about agricultural mechanics. Some specific test question topics include agricultural construction, farm shop practices, careers in agricultural mechanics, farm safety issues, farm machinery, and construction relating to soil and water structures.

Praxis 2 Questions About Leadership & Supervised Occupational Experience
Another 24 questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture Test deal with leadership and supervised occupational experience. The leadership questions focus on three issues as they relate to farming programs for youths, teens, and adults, including the Future Farmers of America (FFA): 1) careers, 2) organizational development, and 3) personal development.
The supervised occupational experience questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture Exam 0780 concern diverse farming experiences, including but not limited to production, conservation, planning, recordkeeping, supervision, jobs, and safety.

Praxis 2 Questions About Plant Science
Eighteen questions on the Praxis Agriculture test are about plant science. Topics include the following: crop types; harvesting, processing, and storing crops; safety factors regarding crops; careers in plant science; irrigation, rotation, pruning, and additional plant culture concerns; and plant physiology and anatomy.

Praxis 2 Questions About Animal Science
The PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) test also contains 18 questions regarding animal science. Specific question topics include breeds of livestock, types of livestock, animal anatomy, animal physiology, animal products, methods for processing animal products; livestock management, careers in raising livestock, and livestock safety.

Praxis 2 Questions About Agricultural Economics
Another 18 questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) exam concern agricultural economics. Questions in this section focus on economic principles, including the law of supply and demand; management issues, such as budgeting, recordkeeping, taxes, appreciation, and depreciation; marketing concerns like advertising, appraisals, inspections, and futures; and legal issues, such as contracts, leases, types of ownership, water rights, and estate planning. Economics questions on the Praxis 2 Agriculture test also deal with agribusiness services, agribusiness supplies, and careers in agricultural economics.

Praxis 2 Questions About Soil Science
Eighteen additional questions on the PRAXIS II Agriculture (PA) Test 0780 deal with soil science. Questions deal with soil types, soil structure, soil classes, soil textures, soil profiles, methods for testing soil, ways of restoring soil fertility, safety issues in soil science, careers in soil science, and land preservation.

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