The Praxis I Writing Test

Effective communication skills are essential to every well-educated professional, including teachers. The Praxis I Writing Test, one of three tests in the Praxis I Series, measures your ability to write Standard English that’s grammatically correct. It contains multiple-choice questions and an essay prompt.

If you take the Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing (Code 5720), you’ll have 68 minutes the finish the exam—38 for the multiple-choice section and 30 for the essay portion. The multiple-choice section contains 44 test questions on usage and sentence correction. If you take the traditional pencil and paper version of the Praxis I Writing Test, which is called Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing (Code 0720), you’ll have 60 minutes—30 minutes to answer 38 multiple-choice test questions and 30 to respond to the essay question.

To answer the usage questions on the multiple choice portion of the Praxis I Writing Test correctly, you must be able to identify mistakes in mechanics, sentence structure, grammatical relationships, and word choices. Some test questions require you to recognize error-free sentences. For the sentence-correction questions, you must select the best alternative phrase or sentence among the choices given. Knowledge of grammatical terms is not required.

The essay portion of the Praxis I Writing Test requires that you produce one writing sample within 30 minutes. The writing sample must be a discussion that demonstrates the degree to which you agree or disagree with the statement provided. Here are five sample statements from Educational Testing Service (ETS), the makers of Praxis I tests:

1. Our society is overly materialistic. We center our lives on acquiring material things at the expense of such traditional values as family and education.

2. Censorship of song lyrics, television shows, and offensive speech is necessary in order to protect the rights of all members of society.

3. Although routines may seem to put us in a rut and stifle creativity, in fact routines make us more efficient and allow creativity to blossom.

4. Schools should be open for classes all year long.

5. Although the marvels of technology surround us every day, there are moments when we all would give anything to be freed from that technology.

As you develop your response to the statement, you may use your own personal observations and experiences, as well as what you’ve read. To make a good score on the Praxis I Writing Test, you do not have to possess specialized knowledge; however, you must be able to write well in English.

As you prepare for the Praxis I Writing test, you have many options open to you. You may hire a Praxis I Writing tutor for online or in-person tutoring. You may engage in Praxis I writing test practice. You can also work through Praxis I study programs like Praxis Exam Secrets and/or the Praxis Exam Flashcard Study System.

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