The Praxis I Reading Test

The Praxis I Reading Test is a multiple-choice exam that assesses your ability to comprehend, analyze and evaluate written works.

If you take the computerized version of the Praxis I Reading Test, called Computerized Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading (Code 5710), you’ll have 75 minutes to answer 46 questions. Twenty-one measure literal comprehension, 25 critical and inferential comprehension. You may also take a 60-minute pencil and paper version of the exam. It’s called Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading (Code 0710) and contains 40 multiple-choice questions—18 that assess literal comprehension and 22 that assess critical and inferential understanding.

The reading selections on both Praxis I reading tests are drawn from diverse sources, including novels, newspapers, magazines, and works of nonfiction. They concern realistic situations often encountered by educated adults. Longer passages (200+ words) are followed by 4-7 questions; shorter ones (100+ words) are followed by 2-3 questions; and some passages are very brief, followed by only one question.

All questions on the Praxis I Reading Test may be answered solely based upon the information contained in the readings. No outside knowledge is required. Some questions on the test may not be factored into the exam score.

Many options are available to you as you prepare for the Praxis I. You may join other educators in a Praxis I study group. You may hire a Praxis I tutor for online or in-person tutoring. You may take Praxis I practice tests and work through Praxis I study programs like Praxis Exam Secrets and/or the Praxis Exam Flashcard Study System.

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