PMP Exam Lessons Learned

Top PMP Certification Exams Lessons Learned in 2016


In this article we will list top PMP certification exams lessons learned by our company when we started researching for what study materials for PMP certification exam are best on the market.






Well here we go here is our PMP exam lessons learned that we have researched


  1. There are tons of PMP certification materials
  2. There are many study guides that are outdated, leading students in the wrong direction when preparing for their certification exam
  3. There are self guided PMP Certification Exam boot camps that are extremely effective when preparing for certification test.
  4. There are books that are considered to be basically PMP Bible that you absolutely must read when preparing for your test.
  5. There are study materials that you can gain access to for 90 days and create your own practice questions for PMP exams and drill your self until you get proficient level.
  6. There are tons of blogs out there that claim they help you prepare for PMP exam but in reality simply selling only their own products without really providing value.
  7. There are multiple study paths when preparing for your PMP Certification exam, knowing which path is the proven study path to take is the key.
  8. There are lots of formulas that you must not only be able to memorize but also must fully understand, how they are used in real world and apply them.
  9. Many companies out there sell live classes for PMP that can help you prepare for your exam and obtain 35  required hours, as part of your required number of educational hours needed in order to become PMP certified.
  10. There is a rigorous process when applying for your exam, know what that process is can save you money, depending if you are a member or non member.

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  1. There are PMI objectives that you must fully understand as part of latest PMBok and be able to see how you can apply them in real world.
  2. When preparing for PMP it’s important to study from multiple resources, not only from single vendor but from multiple vendors to increase your chances of passing.
  3. When studying for you test be sure to ask other students questions, there tons of FREE resources available for PMP test, (however be careful when studying from FREE exams since many of them are not updated and out of touch with the latest PMBok objectives.
  4. When studying for PMP certification exam be sure to have concrete study plan, it’s easier to register for your PMP exam first and then start diving into studying, if you don’t register you may be constantly putting it off till the next time, and next time and next time after next, resulting in you possibly not passing your test.
  5. Top lessons learned for PMP exam prep is that you should not get your hopes up when obtaining your certification, just because you obtain it doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a job, you must also have specialization, knowing how to get that specialization and which companies exist that can help you obtain that specialization to get necessary experience is the key.
  6. Knowing how to verify if you are on the right study path for your test is also important, if you do not study from the correct resources based on proper schedule you may simply either forget certain concepts or run off pathway into something else, hence having strict schedule is ideal.
  7. Creating Syllabus for your self and study notes for your certification PMP exam is critical task to do, referencing back from study notes to syllabus during the time of study is the key.
  8. When studying for your PMP exam, you can also reinforce your skill set with flash cards, however simply memorizing project management concepts will not help you in efficiently preparing for it, although flash cards can be great refresher, they should not be used as the only source of your preparation studies.
  9. When signing up for your exam consider having plenty of time to prepare for it, taking exam not prepared can result in you failing your PMP exam.
  10. When taking your PMP test, consider reviewing materials from top study guide books recommended by our company Tutoring Services, LLC, and also review ratings and reviews that we provide.

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Many of these PMP certification exam lessons learned  that we discovered during our research and their findings are discussed on our study guide site, be sure to check out our PMP Exams study guide site for more info.  For more PMP Exam Lessons learned by our company during our research click here.  We also have another blog site where we also provide useful recommendation links and study tips as well as additional PMP Certification Exams Lessons learned that can help you study for your PMP certification test.  Also check out top PMP math formulas every project manager should know before taking their exam.


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