Obtaining employment related to teaching can be easy, but were you able to abide with the requirements relevant to becoming a teacher? Taking and passing the Praxis 1 licensure test is required to get a valid teaching license that is recognized by various educational institutions. The Praxis 1 licensure test deals with basic knowledge about individual subjects like reading, writing and of course, math. The Praxis 1 Math exam can be taken by college or university graduates who were able to get a degree related to Mathematics and are interested to take the test to get their teaching certification.

The Praxis 1 Math exam is usually administered in two methods: written and computerized. Each method has different time limits, but the covered topics for both tests are the same. The Praxis 1 licensure test comprises of 40 questions for the written version while there are 46 questions for the computerized version. The test questions are divided into several categories such as algebra, numbers and operations, measurements and geometry and probability and analysis.

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